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It has been such a pleasure to help you sell your home and in such record time.  They don't move much faster than a 7 day escrow!  Thank you for your assistance to make this so smooth.  I am so excited for what your next... Read More
Want to know why some properties are flying off the shelves and others seem to be sitting during this hot market?  Expected market time is definitely less than a year ago but higher end homes are starting to outnumber the... Read More
Sometimes, the best things in life are worth waiting for and this home is no exception!  I am so excited for you and your growing family to close escrow on this home today.  Thank you for letting me be a part... Read More
Welcome to this side of downtown Huntington Beach Paige and John!  You have always loved living on the letter streets, now enjoy the number streets!  So glad we could assist you with your new place.  Here's to... Read More
It has been my pleasure assisting you with the purchase of your beach home, Jason and Kelly. Your search was very well planned and timed to find the perfect home to enjoy for years to come.  Best wishes! ~ ... Read More
As with all events in life, I try to learn something new and apply it to future experiences and this was no exception.  This transaction has prepared me in lots of ways and I appreciate the opportunity to assist you with the sale... Read More
Grant Programs for Home Buyers Free Money If you are thinking about buying a home, one of the first things you should do is see if there are special loan programs or homebuyer programs for which you will qualify that will save you a ton... Read More
Seabridge is such a wonderful place to live and you loved it so much you made your rental your new home!  Representing you in this transaction has been such a pleasure and I'm so glad that I could be of assistance.  Enjoy... Read More
  This scene is familiar right before a major hurricane is scheduled to make landfall and shows the effects of an increase in demand and not enough supply to satisfy it.  What happens to prices when there... Read More
Welcome to Huntington Beach, Cynthia.  You are going to love being so close to the beach and all that HB has to offer!  It was such a pleasure to assist you with your move.... Read More