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Thinking about doing some remodeling around the house?  Need some items fixed up on your "honey do" list?  Want to know if a referral is licensed?   Find out quickly at CSLB, the Contractor State... Read More
Homes are still at an inventory low and selling faster than they were a year ago.  What price range you are in determines the length.  Thinking of buying or selling?  Give us a call today!
Days on market continue to stay low for homes in all price ranges.  Thinking of buying or us today!
Steven Thomas Quantitative Economics and Decision Sciences Orange County Housing Market Summary: The active listing inventory increased by just 47 homes, or 1%, in the past couple of weeks, and now totals 5,983, knocking... Read More
It is such a pleasure to assist with a purchase of a new home for someone that is so excited to be living where they are living.  Enjoy your new home near the beach Ashley and have a blast making it your own!... Read More
Today is a special day for my clients Ricky, Diana and little Isaac. It marks the day they are officially home owners in the wonderful city of Irvine. So happy to have helped them rent when they were engaged and now buy a home... Read More
It's always nice when a good place finds good people!  So happy to assist with this transaction and excited for what opportunities lie ahead for you and this home.  Enjoy!  - Best, Christine
It has been such a pleasure to help you sell your home and in such record time.  They don't move much faster than a 7 day escrow!  Thank you for your assistance to make this so smooth.  I am so excited for what your next... Read More
Want to know why some properties are flying off the shelves and others seem to be sitting during this hot market?  Expected market time is definitely less than a year ago but higher end homes are starting to outnumber the... Read More
Sometimes, the best things in life are worth waiting for and this home is no exception!  I am so excited for you and your growing family to close escrow on this home today.  Thank you for letting me be a part... Read More